Wedding Cake – The Most Important Part of Your Big Day

Wedding Cake St. Louis

Custom style with fresh flowers.

Every bride dreams of her wedding day.  In this vision, the wedding cake is at the top of the list when it comes to making a wedding picturesque.  Making an impression with a stylish and delicious wedding cake is easy when you have a great baker.  With help from the best St. Louis bakery, Knodels, you will have a centerpiece that your guests will be in awe of.

Wedding Cake St. Louis Style:

When it comes to style, trends are always evolving.  Bakeries are now offering different variations in size, shape and flavor.  We call a wedding cake St. Louis style by making an ombre cake, which is the newest trend, offering a bride and groom the chance to incorporate color in the layers of the cake.  Cake pops, cupcakes and single serving cakes can be a great way to give your guests an experience that they would not encounter in many other settings.

Good impressions are often achieved in the details.  Fresh flowers can be added to cakes to give an exotic feel.  Candy and fresh fruit can be a great addition to a wedding cake to boost flavor profiles.  Wedding cakes are also starting to show up in different forms.  The new fad is to use donuts, cookies and crepes for the filling of your wedding cake.  This will achieve an experience for your guests that they will never forget!

Details also should be considered on wedding cake table settings.  It is environmentally friendly and frugal to use repurposed items to make a wedding cake stand or repurposed materials to add depth to the table to help highlight the vision of your wedding cake.

St. Louis bakery

Wedding Cake

No purchase of a wedding cake would be complete without considering cost.  Each bride’s budget is different and allows for different options.  Knodel’s can help you in this area by offering affordable creations in the form of cupcakes, individual cakes, cake pops, and traditional cakes with multiple layers.  You can add a little break from normalcy by adding metallic touches, striped layers, layers with different flavors and designs that would make you believe you aren’t going to eat a cake!

The possibilities are endless!  With your imagination and the expertise of Knodels St. Louis Bakery,  your wedding cake will be a treat to remember.

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