In addition to providing our standard cakes with themed pictures, roses, and balloons, we also create cakes that are not the most popular designs. These cakes are different from the others because they require more creative attention to detail. For instance the cut-out cakes; any cake can have a picture of Elmo, Winnie the Pooh, or Shrek, but the designer cakes are usually shaped 2-Dimesionally and resemble the item they are trying to portray. The other benefit of a Designer Cake is the idea that the customer may not find a cake in our books that catches their interest. We give customers the option of consulting with a very experienced decorator to help create a cake that may be more beneficial for their party. Examples of this type of cake are the jungle theme cake, the cut-out name cake, the christening dress, and most of the others located below, plus the additional pictures we keep in our cake books. No customer is limited to one specific cake. At Knodels we pride ourselves on trying to accommodate the creative side of our customers.

When you come to pick up your cake, don't forget to pick up some balloons, ice cream, plates, forks, napkins, and candles. We can also provide a variety of catering items for your party as well from 2' foot sandwiches to meatballs and hot wings.

****Prices are subject to change on any custom cake/bakery item at any time. Upon ordering, if the price has changed the new price will be charged. ****