Our number one selling type of cake is children's birthday cakes. Our decorator's custom designs our cakes to give your cake a colorful, memorable, and fun addition to your child's birthday party. Your cake can be designed with their favorite cartoon character's image, a picture of the child, a figurine, or all of these. You can keep the cake's inscription simple with just "Happy Birthday" or make it more personal with an inscription like, "SpongeBob wishes you a Happy 5th Birthday." If there is an image that we do not have, bring a picture of it when you order and we'll add it to our index. So don't wait; on the weekend we experience a high volume of cakes. In order to make sure you get your cake at the time you need it, please have your order in to us at least 5 days prior to the day of your party.

When you come to pick up your child's birthday cake, don't forget to pick up some balloons, ice cream, plates, forks, napkins, and candles. We can also provide a variety of catering items for your party as well from 2' foot sandwiches to meatballs and hot wings.

****Prices are subject to change on any custom cake/bakery item at any time.Upon ordering, if the price has changed the new price will be charged. ****