Browsing Wedding Cakes St. Louis?

Browsing Wedding Cakes St. Louis?

The Vernal Equinox is upon us, which means birds chirping, flowers blooming and, of course, nuptials.  No Spring is complete without a wedding.  So we are brainstorming, coming up with ideas for brides-to-be searching wedding cakes St. louis.

Getting Artsy

With an increase in edible materials available now, the limits are endless what types of decoration you can get on your wedding cake.  Wedding cakes St. Louis are now including hand painted fondant.

This allows for a blank canvas for any type of print or illustration.  If you have a design that is near and dear to you, but don’t think it could be recreated with icing, explore hand painted wedding cakes.

Adding Goodies

There has been an increase in the use of candy in wedding cakes St. Louis residents are featuring.  Here is a shot of a gumball cake.

wedding cakes st. louis


This cake would be great for a bride and groom who have a number of young guests.  Who wouldn’t love a gumball after a piece of delicious wedding cake?

Size Matters

If your family is gigantic, it can be tough to achieve a single cake that will feed all of your second cousins.  Wedding cakes St. Louis style are big and beautiful like this dress design.

wedding cakes st. louis


I won’t give away our secret for this type of cake, but it can feed a large number of people.  This cake can also be modeled to match the bride’s dress or incorporate a design of a traditional dress that the bride couldn’t wear that was perhaps handed down from a mother or grandmother.

Combining Tastes

Sometimes the bride and groom butt heads.  The bride is generally extremely concerned with the visual appearance of her reception and ceremony.  Wedding cakes St. Louis sees often are adorned with cardinals.  More often we see the birds on the bat on a groom cake.  If the bride-to-be in your life is insistent that the groom cake match the actual wedding cake, maybe this design would offer a reasonable compromise:

wedding cakes st. louis


This design is classy, yet will feature the true love in the Groom’s life (we won’t tell your fiance you said that).

Are you browsing wedding cakes St. Louis?  We can help.  We have been in business since 1901.  If you have a vision, share it with us.  We will try our best to create your dream cake.

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