Quality in St. Louis since 1901

Karl Knodel was a talented and artistic 14 year-old in 1884, when he was selected to attend a cake decorating school in Basel Switzerland. After six years of study he graduated as a Master Baker and immigrated to America.

In 1901 Karl opened Knodel's Bakery at 14th Street and Benton Ave. in St. Louis,Mo. He specialized in wedding cakes and special occasion cakes for his customers.

Karl retired in 1930 and the bakery was taken over by his son, Sydney, who opened a bakery on West Florissant Ave. in Jennings. He sold wedding cakes and special occasion cakes decorated by Julia Youngerman who had been trained by Karl as a wedding cake decorator.

Julia continued to decorate Knodel's cakes for sixty years and passed on the training she had received to Marlene Inglish, Grand Daughter of Karl, who continued the family tradition of making beautiful wedding cakes for Brides of St. Louis.

Today, after 106 years, the tradition continues , and Cynthia Winders, Great Grand Daughter of Karl, who was trained by Julia and Marlene, makes beautiful and special occasion cakes for the customers of Knodel's Bakery.

The fifth generation of fine decorators of wedding cakes, Miss Sydney Winders, age 7, is now in training. She will undoubtedly some day become part of the Knodel tradition of fine cakes for Knodel's customers.